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Community. Fitness. Wellness.

Ellement is a multipurpose facility where fitness, wellness and community come together under one roof. Our passion is to help the people of Caroline and surrounding communities get active both inside and outdoors, in a positive, supportive and safe environment.  All our group fitness classes are customized towards YOU and your individual health and fitness goals.  

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Ellement Wellness was founded in 2019 with a vision to create a wellness community accessible to the rural population, where you can step into the studio or join us outdoors and feel like you belong; that you are in your “element”. 

Our mission is to provide life-changing wellness opportunities for all ages in a safe and supportive environment, and ultimately promote wellness, prevent illness, and empower you to create a quality life for you and your family. Our classes are small, we know your name, and we pride ourselves on providing an individualized experience that is both fun and focused. We desire for everyone who walks through our doors to realize how strong their body and mind are and how simple an active and healthy lifestyle can be.

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5 Card Punch Pass


Valid for 3 Months towards any Ellement classes


ELEVATE:  Class for ALL abilities that combines a variety of functional fitness techniques & YOGA.  Half of the class will be focused on building strength, endurance and overall fitness, followed by a yoga series geared towards releasing tension in the body through restorative poses

Fit For Life 55+ Get your sweat on without risking injury!  This class is geared towards older adults looking to improve strength, mobility, balance and overall functional fitness through a variety of lower impact exercises.  Must be 55+.

PUSH:  Class for ALL abilities that combines cardio, resistance and functional training to help you push your limits while blasting the fat away!  PUSH your way through a series of intervals guaranteed to tone that body!

SLAM: Strong Like a Mother, Women’s only class follows HiiT format and incorporates cardio, resistance
and functional training in short bursts of high intensity exercises to help you push your limits safely
while blasting fat away!

Gentle Flow: An energizing flow building on your strength, stamina and balance as well as incorporating longer stretches to promote flexibility and joint health. The class will close with a guided relaxation to calm both your body and mind. Good for all levels and modifications are provided!

YOGA SCULPT: Target those smaller muscles with a 30 min series of yoga poses designed to sculpt and tone, followed by a nourishing 30 min yoga stretch!

YIN YOGA:  This class is for anyone looking to increase flexibility, mobility or simply decompress. Spiritually uplifting, physically releasing and mentally connecting mind, body and soul.  Perfect for ALL LEVELS


HIPS & HAMMIES:  Lower body focused class to help improve flexibility, mobility and strength.  Suitable for ALL levels

Dryland: For our athletes looking to “up their game!”. Our dryland classes focus on speed, agility,
stamina, strength and flexibility training. We utilize sport specific techniques to truly take our young
athletes to the next level!


Winter Adventures: Winter walks/hikes/snowshoe throughout our local backyard guided by the Ellement team!  All are beginner friendly and snowshoes can be rented for an extra $10/pp, skis/boots for $25.  Check out online for more information regarding each outing!  Must be a minimum 4 people registered

Kayak & Yoga: Open that heart and mind with a 45 min outdoor hatha yoga class followed by an hour
of serenity as we kayak on one of the many breathtaking lakes around Caroline. Kayaks available upon

Guided Hikes: Explore our great back yard by foot! A few times a year we invite you to get outdoors,
take a fresh breath, and join us in the mountains as we lead through some truly exquisite terrain! Good
for all levels!


5014 48 St, Caroline, AB T0M 0M0, Canada

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