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Community. Fitness. Wellness.

Ellement is a multipurpose facility where fitness, wellness and community come together under one roof. Our passion is to help the people of Caroline and surrounding communities get active both inside and outdoors, in a positive, supportive and safe environment.  All our group fitness classes are customized towards YOU and your individual health and fitness goals.  

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Ellement Wellness was founded in 2019 with a vision to create a wellness community accessible to the rural population, where you can step into the studio or join us outdoors and feel like you belong; that you are in your “element”. 

Our mission is to provide life-changing wellness opportunities for all ages in a safe and supportive environment, and ultimately promote wellness, prevent illness, and empower you to create a quality life for you and your family. Our classes are small, we know your name, and we pride ourselves on providing an individualized experience that is both fun and focused. We desire for everyone who walks through our doors to realize how strong their body and mind are and how simple an active and healthy lifestyle can be.